Hereafter, 2010 35mm motion picture film, projector, looper, slide projector, transcripts of interviews hand typed and photographed on 35mm slides Installation...
Secret Trial 5, 2012 custom embosser, Canadian 5 dollar bills Detained, Rendered, Tortured, 2012 custom embosser, Canadian passport
Living in the Age of the Emergent-C
Living in the Age of the Emergent-C, 2012 OSB, blue tarp, 22.8cm x 101.6cm x 78.7 cm
r.o.a.w.R! (stickin it to ya), 2012 ink jet print, thumbtacks, shirt cuffs, graphite 121.92cm x 182.88 cm (4' x 6')
2013 deer skin, fluorescent tubes, wire,
Sequesteration (lost integrity)
Sequesteration (lost integrity), 2013, screen, anthracite coal, 35cm x 35cm x 35cm (14" x 14" x 14").
Amentia Transitonia
Amentia Transitonia 2013 photo printed on duratrans, text on transparency, slide viewer, steel.
site specific work from an image archive by the artist: wheat paste, 8.5 x 11 colour photocopies, 2013
One Elephant Town
One Elephant Town,2013 Steel, fluorescent tubes, wiring, oak frame 61 x 31" oval 82 x 31"
vacuity, infinity, eternity
vacuity, infinity, eternity, 2013 3 nesting boxes deer parchment, bear parchment, elk parchment 31x31x 26"
Dear Kenneth Goldsmith, I am writing to you because you are a poet. I am writing to you because I know you through mutual friends. (Or, at least, Facebook...